The Art of Erin Libby

This is the fine art website of Erin Libby. Welcome to my world.

Hopefully, my art will tell you how beautiful I find the world and, perhaps, how humorous. If you are puzzled or just intrigued, please ask me about my work.

My work comes from a mix of classical references, a love of things medieval, and is peopled with my own magical, improbable characters, beings and creatures. I use an unwritten poem for the surrealist, playful, visions, along with a diverse cluster of symbols and naturalistic elements.

I like to invent and reinvent my use of paint, achieving sparkle and mystery from coloristic embellishment. You can see my early love of complex pen and ink line work in my decorative surfaces.



Studio Tour: Studio visits to my studio in Bellingham, Washington are by appointment. This year, I will be showing several new works. I will have several paintings on this site for sale, plus prints, cards and my three dimensional creations for sale. I look forward to meeting you in person!

Erin Libby's Blog: Painting with Erin Libby
I talk to people about the process of how their mind has to work in order to be an artist.

Portrait of Erin by WIlliam Salas
Portrait of Erin Libby by William Salas

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